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Zirconia Features

1. Good biocompatibility. It has no irritation, no allergic reaction to the gums, and no black line of the gums is formed. It is very suitable for oral cavity and avoids the allergies, irritation, corrosion and other unpleasant stimuli caused by traditional metal porcelain teeth in the oral cavity.

2. The tooth body has high strength and hardness. The unique resistance to rupture and strong curing properties after rupture make the tooth stronger.

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Advantages of Zirconia

1. Compared with other all-ceramic restoration materials, the strength of zirconia material allows doctors to achieve extremely high strength without too much abrasion of the patient’s real teeth. Among them, Vita all-ceramic plus yttrium stabilizes zirconia. It is also known as ceramic steel.

2. Zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth are of extremely high quality. It is said that its high quality is not only because of its materials and expensive equipment, but also because it uses the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and then controlled by computer programs. It is perfect.

Zirconia Block Introduction

Yurucheng zirconia block has high strength, excellent permeability and color aesthetic repair effect that suitable for CAD/CAM system and manual system.

Product Features

Safety: No irritation,No corrosion,Good bio-compatibility

Beauty: Natural teeth color can be reproduced

Comfortability: Low thermal conductivity,hot and cold changes do not stimulte the pulp

Durability: Over 1600MPa perturbed strength, durable and useful

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ST Color Zirconia Block

* Pre-shaded technics

* Uniform color

* Without post dyeing posses

* Suitable for full contour crown, bridge and anterior


Crown, Inlay, Onlay, 2-5 unit Bridges, Anterior

Physical Characteristics
Sintered density        6.07±0.01g/cm³      
Bending Strength       1200 MPa
Transmittance           43%
Hardness                1200HV
Sintering temperature   1480~1550℃/recommend 1530℃
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