Dental Fracture Resistance Multilayer Translucent Zirconia Blocks

Short Description:

ST zirconia block
Advantages :
- Top raw material from Tosoh in Japan
- 16 A-D shades available;
- High translucency(41% total light transmittance)
- High flexural strength
- accurate, even and stable color;
- No hand coloring needed


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Advantages of ST zirconia discs :

1. Top raw material from Tosoh in Japan

2. 16 A-D shades available;

3. High translucency(41% total light transmittance)

4. High flexural strength

5.accurate, even and stable color;

6.No hand coloring needed


Feature of ST zirconia discs :

high flexural strength, fracture resistance, exceptional durability, and easy milling properties with precision. Pre-shaded zirconia disc consisting of three pre-colored layers Easy Handling: Polish or Glaze after Sintering Ideal for full contour crowns and bridges


Zirconia Block Introduction:

Yurucheng zirconia block has high strength, excellent permeability and color aesthetic repair effect that suitable for CAD/CAM system and manual system.


Chrateristic of ST zirconia discs:

Safety: No irritation,No corrosion,Good bio-compatibility

Beauty: Natural teeth color can be reproduced

Comfortability: Low thermal conductivity,hot and cold changes do not stimulte the pulp

Durability: Over 1200MPa perturbed strength, durable and useful


Physical Parameter of ST zirconia discs:

Physical Characteristics
Sintered density        6.07±0.01g/cm³      
Bending Strength       1200 MPa
Transmittance           43%
Hardness                1200HV
Sintering temperature   1480~1550℃/recommend 1530℃


 Zirconia Denture Sintering Curve for ST/HT






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