Dental Lab HT Zirconia White Block for Bridges/Crown 16 Colors and 3Bleaches High Quality Zirconia Block

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Our zirconia block be made of the pure zirconia powder with dry pressing ,isostatic pressing method, shaping processing and so on .We can guarantee the zirconia block 100% compatible.

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Product description of HT zirconia blocks:

We are following the ISO/CE quality system to make sure the product more safety. We immitati the lab from zirconia powder to final finished teeth to confirm that the product received by buyers are stable and in good condition.

HTzirconia block –High translucent zirconia, suitable for crown,inlay/onlay,anterior and bridges.

item HT white zirconia block
Size 98mm,95mm,89mm
Translucency 40%
Disc Sizes 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,25mm
Strength 1200 MPa
Shades 16 shapes system and 3 bleaches
Features of HT white zirconia block

1.High quality zirconia powder,good performance with aesthetics

2. Preshaded 16 shapes colors and 3 Bleaches

3. ST zirconia block suitable for anterior, crown ,bridges,inlay/onlay,full bridges

4. Following the certificate CE/ISO standard.


zirconia block

zirconia dental disc


1.How can we ensure quality?

Every step in producing of zirconia block with quality control

Always final Inspection before shipment

2.What can you buy from us?

We can provide white zirconia block,pre-shaped zirconia block,multilayer zirconia block and orther dental equipment.

3.Are you a manufacturer, or a trading company?

We are an manufacturing company.We guarantee fast delivery and stock.

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