Dental Laboratory Supplies 4D Zirconia Multilayer full arch Dental Zirconia Disc CADCAM Milling Disc Amann 89 system

Short Description:

Zirconia Block Introduction

Yurucheng zirconia block has high strength, excellent permeability and color aesthetic repair effect that suitable for CAD/CAM system and manual system.

Product Features

Safety:No irritation,No corrosion,Good bio-compatibility

Beauty:Natural teeth color can be reproduced

Comfortability:Low thermal conductivity,hot and cold changes do not stimulte the pulp

Durability:Over 1600MPa perturbed strength, durable and useful

Product Detail

Product Tags

4D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block

*Multilayer color

*No need for further dyeing operation

*Suitable for anterior, crown and bridge


Indications: Crown, Inlay, Onlay, 2-5 unit Bridges, Anterior

Physical Characteristics
Sintered density        6.07±0.01g/cm³
Bending Strength        700-1200 MPa
Transmittance           43-57%
Hardness                1200HV
Sintering temperature   1480~1550℃/recommend 1530℃


Yucera 4D Pro multilayer dental All Ceramic Zirconia Block Dental Lab Super Translucency Dental Zirconia Disc
Yucera’s 4D plus Multilayer zirconia block is the most high end class zirconia block, the most nature zirconia block, which changes color(from dark to light) , strength( from 1050mpa-1200mpa), and translucency(43%-57%) gradually from cervical to incisal part at one zirconia disc.
Sintered Density of zirconia block 6.07 ± 0.03g/cm3 
Hardness of zirconia block 1200HV 
Sintering Temperature of zirconia block Recommend 1530℃ 
Bending Strength of zirconia block 700-1200Mpa 
Translucency of zirconia block 57-43% 
This type of multilayer zirconia block can make both posterior teeth and anterior teeth. One zirconia block to cover all indications.



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