A new journey of industrial integration, shaking hands and composing a new chapter

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Shenzhen Yurucheng Dental Materials Co., Ltd., which has established new heights every time, has ushered in an important historical moment. On April 12, 2021, Shenzhen Yurucheng Dental Materials Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Dental Craftsman’s Home Technology Co., Ltd. formally Sign a strategic cooperation agreement. It is reported that the two parties have reached a consensus on cooperation on vertical integration of the industry, skills training and upgrading of dental technicians, technical exchanges, and industry development.


In this strategic cooperation, in-depth discussions and implementation details have been carried out in the production of all-ceramic zirconium blocks, denture processing plants, technician training and learning, and customized dental products according to customer needs. Getting through has also enhanced in-depth communication in all links, accelerated the timeliness of obtaining industry information and customer needs, and made products more in line with user needs.


Bi Wenjuan, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yurucheng Dental Materials Co., Ltd. introduced: The vertical integration of the industry by Yurucheng and Dentist’s Home, the matching of dental materials, the reasonable allocation of resources, the depth of the industry, and the promotion of industry competition All forces have a positive effect. It is of extraordinary significance in the integration and penetration of the upstream and downstream industries of the oral cavity such as dental material production, denture processing plants, dental clinics, etc. It will help to better understand the trends of upstream and downstream industries and the needs of end customers, break industry barriers, and exchange industry expertise. None, to better serve end users better.


Liu Jianjun, President of Shenzhen Yurucheng Dental Materials Co., Ltd. said: With the improvement of the public’s oral awareness and the inclination of national policies to privately run doctors, the dental industry has ushered in a great opportunity for development. Under the current situation of the epidemic, “danger” and “opportunity” coexist. While seeing the impact of the epidemic on the oral industry, we need to think deeply about the future development trend of the oral industry, focusing on the present and laying out the future. “At present, the dental industry has formed a complete industrial chain, which requires us to enter a stage of healthy competition and integration while developing at a high speed. Only with standardized management can the long-term and sound development of the industry be realized.





Post time: Jul-30-2021