Advantage of Yucera New Design Seperated 5 Axis Dental Milling Machine

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Shenzhen Yucera Dental Material Co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Dental Zirconia Ceramic Block, corresponding CAD/CAM equipment, and other related dental products. As professional laboratory materials supplier, we can provide digital dental materials, dental equipment, and full range of digital products and services.

After 2 years of design and development,more than 100 labs tested, our Separation of mechanical and electrical control get unanimous praise :

1. Horizontal processing-speed can be increased by nearly 20%

2. simplifying maintenance- When the all-in-one machine fails, the after-sales maintenance is more complicated. The split equipment only needs to replace the processing system to complete the update and maintenance;

3.Tool detection sensor with 2um

4.24hours on-line technical support 5.include hyperdent(free)

Compared with traditional vertical processing milling machine, Yucera seperated horizontal processing possess below advantages:

1.If the traditional all-in-one milling machine occure some problems, the after-sales maintenance is more complicated. But our split milling machine only needs to replace the processing system to complete the update and maintenance;

2..The control system is separated from the processing system to reduce the slight damage to the equipment caused by dust

Another advantage is new design for horizontal processing:

1.Horizontal processing VS Vertical machining,Based on the original stable vertical machining, the horizontal cutting equipment puts the center of gravity lower.

2.Vertical processing and horizontal processing are cradle processing,There is not much difference between the two in the layout and processing mode, but due to the excellent stability of horizontal processing, the processing speed can be increased by nearly 20%.

Are you looking for such a 5 axis dental milling machine? Yucera SK-5A is the best alternative for your dental laboratory.

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Post time: Nov-05-2021