How does the dental prosthesis manufactured ?

zirconia disc dentalline


  Yucera and Xinghua Dentures, who are the south china distributor of Yucera zirconia block , successfully held an in-house training course on how to accurately manufacture dental prostheses in Shantou Xinghua Dentures Company on the 10th,Nov. This course invites Aiguang Zhao, guest lecturer of Shenzhen Yucera Dental Technician Center, and Miss Xiaohui Zhang, director of Yucera Dental Technician Center, to share professional theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience with everyone. The aim is to share the course to enable leaders and technicians participating in this course to further improve their knowledge of zirconium teeth and zirconium oxide materials, and improve their business capabilities and operational capabilities. This course focused on the combination of practice and theory. In this regard, lecturer Xiaohui Zhang gave specific answers to common questions such as the performance analysis of zirconia materials and the production of zirconia dentures. According to the on-site students, a targeted practical explanation was given to the enamel of zirconia denture and the dyeing before approaching.


  After this internal training course, the trainees who participated in the training gave a high evaluation of this course. The trainees not only improved their marketing ability, but also gained a sense of self-confidence from the heart and believed that they could do better. After the course is over, many students want to learn more about related courses, like how to process popular 3D pro multilayer zirconia disc and look forward to the next opportunity of zero distance practical training.


Yucera is on the road of professional dental material manufacturing for CADCAM dental laboratory, hand in hand with everyone to grow and progress together. We firmly believe that professional technical support and training will help more talents and development in the denture industry!


Post time: Nov-19-2021