Operating Instructions for Yucera Dyeing Solution | Video Guide

yucera zirconia block

yucera zirconia block


zirconia block  Staining solutionzirconia block  Staining solution

zirconia block  Staining solution

Dyeing Solutions (Zircpnia Coloring Liquid)

 1. Simple and fast operate process 1minute dipping

2. Stable color result

3. Using with Yucera zirconia block have perfect effect

4. Penetration can reach 1.5mm color will not be removed even grinding


Note for Zirconia Coloring Liquid:

Dyeing liquid and crown should keep clean and dry. (Water processing is not suggested. The crown should be dried before dyeing if it’ s produced under water processing)

Dyeing liquid is weakly acidic. Please wear gloves for people with sensitive skin, if it gets in your eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with water and seek medical treatment in time.

Do not dilute the dyeing solution with water by yourself to avoid affecting the color stability.

After dyeing, the crown should be dried before sintering. To avoid contamination of the internal components of the sintering furnace and hidden cracks in the crown.

For dyeing of bridge, it is recommended to use 01 liquid +brushing method to reduce the color difference between the bridge body and crowns.

Dry 30 minutes for single crown and consecutive crown (thickness<2 mm), dry more than 60 minutes for bridge orthicker crown.The distance between infrared drying lamp and crown is according to the power of lamp. Usually the temperature on the surface of crown should be less than 100°C.

Instruction for Zirconia Coloring Liquid for incisal:

Brush TO liquid 2-3 times on 1/3 parts of incisal with OP brush or No.1 glaze brush.

Post time: Aug-20-2021