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zirconia dental block

Yucera All-ceramic Aesthetics Restoration Master’s Advanced Road “Zirconium Blank Material Revealing” course Shenzhen Station ended perfectly on October 28th, at this high and refreshing autumn season!

Introduction of Lecture 

 Miss Shaohui Zhang 

Director of Dental Technician Center, Gold Lecturer



Miss Xiaohui Zhang gave a detailed explanation of the zirconia block material from the shallower to the deeper in the class. The students who came to study said that they had never been exposed to such a systematic training and learning before, and they were full of rewards!

zirconia disc

Technician On-Site Training

zirconia disc

Gong Ting, senior lecturer and senior technician of Yucera Dental Technical  Center, demonstrated the dyeing process before crystallization of zirconia ST white zirconium, explained the problems and details that should be paid attention to in the dyeing process, and arranged for the students to perform on-site operations. Instruct students to perform dyeing in a targeted manner. The students effectively combine theory and practice on the spot, which greatly improves their understanding of industry knowledge!

Practical Exercises For Students

zirconia blockdental zirconia puck

dental zirconia puckdental zirconia puck

Autumn is the harvest season. After this study, the students have gained zirconia blocksknowledge, and Yucera‘s lecturers have also gained recognition from the students for the dental zirconia disc course, two-way drive, keep learning, I believe we can contribute to the future of the denture industry!

Post time: Nov-13-2021