The Brief Introduction Of Yucera’s Dental Product

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  Yucera has achieved remarkable results at the field of dental materials since the establishment of the company. Yucera had successfully developed basic zirconia series ceramic blocks in 2018 (HT high-transmittance zirconia block, ST super-transmittance zirconia block, ST color zirconia block, SHT color zirconia block, SHT multilayer zironia block); The company launched the aesthetic zirconia series ceramic blocks in 2020(UT multilayer, UT ultra transmittance), which solved the two major problems of the translucency for anterior teeth aesthetics restoration and staining. Yucera had launch a Magic Cube series of zirconia block in 2021. 3D plus multilayer zirconia block was available with more excellent translucency and strength, which upgraded in the original 3D multilayer zirconia ceramic block.There are molstly less than 6 layers for 3D multilayer zirconia block on the market at present,which will face the risk of fracture when it is designed for long bridges. Our R&D team is working on research and development 8-10 layers of 3D multilayer ceramic block. Compared with the existing multilayer zirconia ceramic block on the market, the number of layers increase by more than 40% with fully reaching layers gradient, and the strength of the denture neck edge exceeds 1200MPa. Yucera new-coming 3D multilayer zirconia block will make up the shortcomings for long bridges on the market. This product is expected to be developed before the end of Oct. 2021.

  At the same time, another Yucera core R&D team is fully developing dental E-max Lithium Disilicate, which only Upcera, Adite and Besmile have this R&D capability for in the domestic market at present. As a national dental brand,Upcera’s R&D team with 5 members took nearly 3 years to develop E-max Lithium Disilicate. As the second brand in the dental intrudtry, Adite R&D team with 3 people took 3 years to finish developing it. Besmile’R&D team with 4 members took nearly 4 years to develop it without incompleted shades.Dental E-max Lithium Disilicate products have great market competitiveness, accounting for more than 15% in the field of denture dental restoration materials. Our company recruits the most powerful R&D personnel in the industry to achieve overtaking in corners. It is expected to complete the development by the end of 2021, which will significantly increase our sales amount.


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Post time: Aug-06-2021