Why choose zirconia blocks to make dentures?

Nowadays, metal porcelain teeth have been gradually eliminated. The disadvantages of metal porcelain teeth have already appeared. Although it is not easy to cause discoloration, the color inside is black, so it will also appear cyan under special light irradiation. If it is a person who has high requirements for cosmetic effects It is obviously not the best choice to use metal porcelain teeth.

At this time, our zirconia block perfectly solves this problem. In pursuit of safety, health and aesthetics, more and more people tend to choose zirconia blocks to create aesthetic teeth. Now let’s take a closer look at the advantages of zirconia blocks.

zirconia block

Excellent properties of zirconia

1. No shielding against X-rays

If you need to perform X-ray, CT, MRI, you don’t need to pull out your dentures, there is no obstruction, and you can reduce trouble.

2. Good biocompatibility

Zirconia all-ceramic restoration can exclude metal allergic reactions, and at the same time has good biocompatibility, which is superior to various metal alloys, including gold materials, has no irritation to the gums, no allergic reactions, and is very suitable for the oral cavity.

3. Safer

Zirconia is the only mineral in nature that exists in the form of baddeleyite. It does not contain metal components during the period, and it is safer after being processed by medical zirconia.

4. Perfect color

Since the color of the inner crown is white, the neck will not become dark and dark after the porcelain teeth are inserted for a period of time, thus solving the problem of black and dark neck of the metal porcelain crown.

5. High-tech quality

Using advanced computer-aided design, and then controlled by computer-aided program grinding.

zirconia block

It is the excellent properties of zirconia that are increasingly used in the manufacture and clinical treatment of dentures.

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Post time: Apr-07-2022