Why traditional dental materials give way to zirconia blocks?

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Among all kinds of denture restoration materials, all-ceramic zirconia teeth have excellent performance and good prospects for future development. The most widely used denture crown restoration materials in clinical use are mainly divided into porcelain and all-ceramic.

All-ceramic zirconia teeth have both aesthetics and biocompatibility, and the price is relatively high. It is expected that the clinical penetration rate will continue to increase in the future.

The market for all-ceramic zirconia teeth is vast. Taking the dental implant market as an example, we estimate that the current market size of all-ceramic dental implants in the country exceeds 2 billion US dollars, and the potential market space in the future up to 20 billion US$.

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That us to review why the traditional dental materials give way to zirconia blocks as below.

The characteristics of all-ceramic zirconia teeth:

1. Excellent mechanical properties

The bending strength can reach 800MPa and the maximum 1200MPa, so it can also be used for the restoration of posterior teeth and porcelain bridges of more than 6 units.

2. No shielding against X-rays

If you need to perform X-ray, CT, and MRI examinations, you do not need to remove the dentures, without any obstructions, reducing trouble.

3. Good biocompatibility

Zirconia all-ceramic repair can eliminate allergic reactions to metals and has good biocompatibility, which is superior to various metal alloys, including gold materials.

4. Safer

Zirconia is currently the only mineral in nature that exists as oblique zirconia. It does not contain metal components during the period, and it is safer after being processed by medical zirconia plots.

5. Ultra-high strength and density

Especially in high-precision instruments, such as aviation equipment, human bones, etc., all because of its super high strength and density. Among them, the unique resistance to rupture and strong curing after rupture can support more than 6 units of porcelain bridges.

6. Perfect color

Because the color of the inner crown is white, the neck of the porcelain tooth will not turn black and dark when it is inserted for a period of time, thereby solving the problem of black and dark metal porcelain crown neck.

7. A healthy biomaterial is a very good high-tech biomaterial with excellent biocompatibility, no irritation to the gums, no allergic reaction, and very suitable for the oral cavity.

8. High-tech quality

Using advanced computer-aided design, and then controlled by the computer-aided program to make it.

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Post time: Nov-19-2021