Yucera Dental CADCAM Digital Design Course

Ever since the concept of CADCAM digital dental was introduced, many of our zirconia block dental laboratory customers who requested to update CAD design in the background have never stopped. As the top three manufacturer of dental zirconia ceramic blocks, Yucera today bring some CAD design knowledge.

There are two routines for coping design: addition and subtraction. Addition is suitable for dental technicians with normal teeth arrangement and a certain degree of morphological skills. When there are complex morphological arrangements such as some abutment teeth that are too protruding or some abutment teeth are too small in the design, the additive design method is likely to cause misjudgment. Generally, in this case, the final restoration shape will be selected as the guide, and the full restoration will be used. The morphological back-cutting can well grasp the space required by the inner coping porcelain layer.

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We can find a tooth shape that is close to symmetrical. Of course, we can also copy the contralateral tooth by mirroring to design a cutback.

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The copied contralateral teeth can be arranged symmetrically or individually according to the actual situation. It is recommended that you use the shortcut keys CTRL and SHIFT when arranging the teeth. The left and right hands are more time-saving and labor-saving, and many shortcut keys in the software can be used well. Improve work efficiency.

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When designing, dont just design in one vision, but have multiple views to observe; different visual angles can observe more different details, and more visual angles of observation can restore the closest side to reality.

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In the tool settings, there is a display grid that can be used as a reference for the center line, as well as the proportion of the crown, and the addition of user views, which can be locked. We need to view the front or left and right side views to quickly restore the original locked position.

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The model or crown can also be semi-permeable in the design process, so that it is better to grasp the arc space value. After modifying the final anatomical shape and cutting back, the ceramic layer space can be accurately reserved. Here, the 0.8 of the back cut is based on the proportion of the abutment Decide the amount of cutback.

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