Yucera will participate in the idex istanbul 2022 exhibition with the newly developed product 4D Pro zirconia disc!

With the expectation of all walks of life, Yureca participated in the Turkey exhibition with the newly developed product 4D Pro zirconia!!!

Yucera Company, located in Shenzhen, is one of the top three zirconia block manufacturers in China, and also provides CAD/CAM machines and equipment.Yucera provides

customers with the best quality service and the most affordable price plan through market research, allowing customers to find the most favorable way to buy zirconia blocks with

high cost performance.

Doing the best, this will be our greatest achievement! Walking with you also makes us feel infinite joy! All members of Yurucheng will always keep in mind their mission and

responsibility to provide customers with high-quality zirconium blanks!Welcome to visit our stand in Hall 4-B20!!!



Post time: Apr-15-2022