Zirconia block manufacturer, Yucera wish every staff born on Sept. happy birthday !

With a ray of the coolness of Shenzhen night and early autumn, together with the unique richness of September, Yucera  staff birthday party slowly opened at the end of Sept. At 6:30 in the evening, Yucera Staff Home was decorated with a very warm atmosphere. Everyone gathered together and laughed constantly. In the sound of harvest and blessing, the young and happy smiling faces are frozen in memory.

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As the birthday stars entered the venue one after another, everyone took photos in front of the background wall. At the beginning of the birthday party, the atmosphere became lively. Everyone gathered around to light the candles and sang a happy birthday song to everyone standing around. The singing contained heavy blessings. Blow candles together, share birthday cakes together, enjoy fruits and snacks together.

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The subsequent game session brought the atmosphere to a climax. The two games “Truth or Dare” and “Guess what I want to say” made everyone enjoy themselves. The lost friends sang songs, performed sitcoms, and performed punishment tasks for everyone, making everyone laugh from ear to ear.

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Finally, we gave gifts to the birthday stars. The company thoughtfully prepared wireless earphones, air-conditioning quilts, thermos cups, etc. for the birthday stars. Every birthday star who had a birthday in September received his favorite gift.

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As a professional manufacturer of dental zirconia block Yucera always adhere to “People-oriented”as the core competitiveness of a modern corporate culture. Excellent companies should have a corporate culture with rich connotation and profound heritage. Combining scientific management and humane handling is an important part of corporate culture. The holding of Monthly birthday party is a measure to reflect the company’s humanistic care. I believe through this meaningful activity, every Yucera  people can feel the company’s affectionate care and the collective warmth and happiness, and focus more attention on the production of zirconia dental oxide, and suppply best dental zirconia to the market.

Post time: Oct-23-2021