Yucera dental CAD CAM dental glass ceramic block C14 Lt 18*13*15 lithium disilicate zirconia

Short Description:

Fiberglass is a worldwide popular all-ceramic material from the side of the chair, which is easy to milling, and the crystallization

process takes only 20 minutes, with a highly efficient CAD CAD CAD advanced for instant recovery; excellent transparency, which

has a bionic aesthetic effect.


• Color: vita16, white bleach 4 (BL1 / BL2 / BL3/bl4)

• Size: 15,5*11*13; 18*13*15; 40*15*14

• Transparency: ht (high transparency) and LT (low transparency)

• Suitable for: various tools to choose from, suitable for various milling machines.

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Yucera dental CAD CAM dental glass ceramic block C14 Lt  18*13*15 lithium disilicate zirconia

lithium disilicate lithium disilicate lithium disilicate lithium disilicate lithium disilicate

Product advantages:

1. Excellent mechanical strength .The three-point bending strength is increased to 400±60 MPa, allowing CAD/CAM system to design with higher accuracy, reducing the processing difficulty of ultra-thin veneer and other restorations, and improving the strength and safety of materials seated in the Mouth.

2.Simulate the hardness of a natural tooth .Compared with other types of materials, the hardness of Cameo glass ceramics is closer to that of natural human teeth, which can reduce the excessive wear of the occlusion teeth caused by the hardness difference, and maintain the abrasion of the restorations and the surrounding teeth.

3.Overall fitness , easy to seat.The scientific nanosmicron crystallization structure provides better edge stability and structural accuracy for milling restoration, effectively simplifies the operation process of repeated seating and polishing, and realizes the efficient fitting of the technician’s processing and clinical seating teeth.

4.The clinical experience of instant restoration.As an all-ceramic material with a shrinkage ratio close to zero, it can provide great convenience for efficient design and digital processing, and provide you with ideal and comfortable instant diagnosis and treatment experience combined with the rapid crystallization process.

5.More intuitive transparency aesthetics.The product has HT (high transparency) and LT (low transparency)HT (high transparency), good light transparency, restores the color and texture of natural abutment LT (low transparency), optional low light transparency, provides the healing effect of mask and complement.



Coefficient of thermal expansion
Three point bending strength[MPa] Chemical solubility
10.5±0.5 400±60 ≤40 2.47±0.05

 calcining curve

The initial
The drying time Heating rate The highest
The highest
The final
450℃ 4min 40℃/min 840℃ 6min or 2min 300℃



•Color: VITA16, bleach white 4 (BL1/BL2/BL3/BL4)

•Size: 15.5*11*13; 18 * 13 * 15; 40 * 15 * 14

•Transparency: HT (high transparency) and LT (low transparency)

•Suitable for: a variety of mandrels to choose from, can match a variety of milling machines.





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