YUCERA dental material Blocks for open CAD/CAM system 98mm*10-25mm WAX block

Short Description:

1. Excellent processability, no adhesion to milling tools, and convenient for manual milling, the thinnest teeth crown could reach 0.3mm.

2. Processed through special technique, totally eliminate the inner stress, the deformation during machining is decreased substantially .

3.High melting point, neither being melted due to high temperature during milling , nor making inconvenience to machining due to high melting point.

4.Excellent anti-static property, easy for processing and cleaning.

It is suitable for making fixed denture in clinical restorative dentistry.

The diameter is 98mm or 95mm as request, thickness are 10,12,14,16,18,20 and 25mm.

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    YUCERA dental material Blocks for open CAD/CAM system 98mm*10-25mm WAX block  

    wax block

    wax block wax block

    The individual components for the al dente CAD/ CAM Wax Discs are especially adjusted to the dental CAD/CAM technique.Features: very high melting point, excellent technical characteristics that give way for an efficient machine processing. The material burns without residues to a 100%. The results are perfectly smooth cast surfaces. The optimal wax features allow the production of even very delicate shapes excluding shrinkage or distortion of the milled object. Up to 70 units can be milled out of one disc.


    Available shades and sizes of  Yucera wax  block:


    Open CAD CAM Zirkonzahn
    98*10 95*10
    98*12 95*12
    98*14 95*14
    98*16 95*16
    98*18 95*18
    98*20 95*20
    98*22 95*22
    98*25 95*25



    When using this product for processing, you should wear protective glasses. When the wax body is melted, use safe gloves to handle it. It is forbidden to directly touch the molten product with your hands. Avoid inhaling large amounts of wax vapor.


    Main product performance

    Appearance: Wax chips have the same color, uniform thickness, smooth material and no foreign matter.

    Softening characteristics: When heated, it will soften uniformly without chipping or peeling off; when forming a working block, it will be glued together without delamination.

    Cutting performance: At 23.02.0℃, the wax is easy to be trimmed with sharp tools without tearing, chipping or peeling of the layer.


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