Yucera Instant Asethetic Repair Lithium Disilicate For HT/LT Dental Glass Ceramic Discs CE/ISO Standard

Short Description:

Product Advantage

1. Excellent esthetics and high strength of 400±60MPa

2. Full range of processing options for CAD/CAM system

3. High aesthetic repair effect

4. High chemical stability

5. Easy milling,prolong the service life of burs

6. Simple and rapid crystallization process to reduce operating time,20mins

7. without glaze,the unique color change effect to ensure perfect repair effect

Product Detail

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Features of Lithium Disilicate Block:

1,High translucency up to 48% matching the esthetics of natural teeth.

2,16 Vita Shades and 1 Bleach Shade guarantee the best shade match.

3,Thanks the simple and fast process, patients can experience a same day restoration without the need of a second appointment.


Processing Options of Lithium Disilicate Block:

1. Monolithic processing or partial ceramic veneering

2. Optional brush or dipping infiltration possible


Dental Glass Ceramic is a globally popular digital chair side all-ceramic material, which is easy to mill and crystallization process only takes 20 minutes, with the CAD/CAM system of high efficiency, precise production process precisely matched, advanced to achieve instant restoration; superior transparency, presenting a highly bionic aesthetic effect.

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