Yucera Lithium dislicate blocks and Glass Ceramic-C14-LT/HT for dental lab CAD/CAM and Sirona Roland and Imes-icore

Short Description:

Dental Glass Ceramic is a globally popular digital chair side all-ceramic material, which is easy to mill and crystallization process only takes 20 minutes, with the CAD/CAM system of high efficiency, precise production process precisely matched, advanced to achieve instant restoration; superior transparency, presenting a highly bionic aesthetic effect.

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Product Features of Lithium Dislicate Blocks:

1. It is a glass-ceramic material applied to the chairside processing system.

2. The porcelain block is partially crystallized during processing and has a light purple color.

3. They are collectively called blue porcelain blocks. In this state, the hardness of the porcelain block is relatively low, which makes it easy to grind the equipment.

4. In general, the prosthesis after cutting needs to be crystallized at 840 ° C, and the sintering process takes about 20 minutes. During the crystallization process, the ceramic block has almost no shrinkage.

Indication of Glass Ceramic/ Lithium Dislicate Blocks:

lithium disilicate product advantages:

1. Excellent esthetics & restorative effect.

2. supreme chemical stability and flexural strength.

3. Easy milling, preserved tool life.

4. A1-D4 BL1-4, 20 colors are available.

Processing Options

1. Monolithic processing or partial ceramic veneering
2. Optional brush or dipping infiltration possible







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