CAD/CAM 3D Scanner With Exocad For Dental Lab

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Qscan is special designed for fast and assurate scan,featuring fast speed,powerful performance and firendly user interface.It will greatly improve your work flow and productivity in dental scanning

Product Detail

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Product mode
Scanning technology
Double-sided grating
Camera resolution
1.3 million pixels
Scan range
Measurement accuracy
Scan time
Full jaw 12 seconds Upper / lower jaw 20 seconds Abutment teeth 30 seconds Impression model 2min
Operating temperature
Power supply
24v DC
The scanbox is a fully automated,open 3D dental scanner from smartoptics. The scanBox is supplied without CAD software and can be used with every open CAD software. Alternatively, the scanBox is available in a package with the exocad CAD software -ideal for a start in CAD.

  • Scan with Blue Light :Using the advanced blue light grating scan technology,can highlights the details but also provide the high quality model data
  • Full-automatic:Full Automatic base can achieve the“One-key model three dimensional scan”
  • High Effciency:Fast Scan speed/High effective result.Adopt to the array structured lights,can achieve
  • Full-Open:Full-Open Scan system.Not only can offer provide the standard STL data port,but also can support all kinds of design software
  • High Precision:The highest precision not more than 0.015mm
  • Integration:more stable and can reduce the cost,easy to operation

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