Yucera Dental Milling Machine Cad Cam System SK-5A 5axis Dental Milling Machine

Short Description:

Yucera SK-5A 5axis Dental Milling Machine is designed as a split machine, which is easy to maintain the main machine, reduces the damage to the main machine by dust, and prolongs the service life of the machine; the machine has a lower center of gravity, strong stability, and the working speed is increased by 20%; Increase the utilization rate of zirconium blocks by 30%, and can cut 38-40 crowns/bridges at a time




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Yucera Dental Milling Machine Cad Cam System SK-5A 5axis Dental Milling Machine

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Product description

Length,wide and height

Cutting machine550*565*460mm

Main engine450*250*450mm


Cutting machine95KG

Main engine20KG

Rotating axis operating




Total power


Cutting precision


Tool magazine capacity


Burs specifications

Special props for handle diameter


Automatic tool change,automatic

Tool detection

Processing methods

Five-axis linkage,dry milling

Processable type

Inner crowns,full crowns,bridges,

Implant bridges,

Implant upper restorations,inlays,

onlay, veneer,coping etc.

Main axis speed


Working pressure


(No water,no gasoline)

Installation conditions

Stable voltage220-230V

Stable air pressure6.0bar


Relative humidity80%

Transmission interface


Milling Materials

Zirconia blocks,PMMA,Wax,Composite material


1.Split type machine; easy to maintain, reduce the damage of dust to the main engine,;and prolong the service life of the machine

2.Horizontal machine, lower center of gravity, strong stability; processing speed increased by 20%

3.Improved fixture , the utilization rate of zirconium block is increased by 30%; 38-40 units of crown/bridge can be cut at one time

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Equipment maintenance

1.Regular cleaning:Use a suitable liquid detergent to clean the plastic part,and be careful not to use an air gun to clean the Interior to prevent dust and debris from entering the mechanical parts.

2.Material fixture cleaning:Clamps and screws should be kept clean when placing material for optimum grip

3.Main Axis Clip Cleaning:Do not spray oily spray or compressed air containing oil and water directly on the spindle head; The spindle chuck and bur must be clean.The entry of impurities can cause processing failures.


1.Our product can milling Zirconia blocksPMMAWaxComposite material cad cam milling

Our service

1.We have high quality after-sale service

2.Online technique support, can make a video call to help you how to operate the machine

3. 24 hours service,we have always been online

4.Fasten delivery,we are the manufacture,we can produce with faster speed

5.We promise the quality control;we are producing the product with following the CE/ISO standard





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