Dental Lab Milling Machine For Cadcam Dental Laboratory Used For Zirconia Dry Milling

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Dental milling machine 
Product desciption :
1. -Suitable for zirconia blocks , PMMA, Wax and Composite
2. -Horizontal processing-speed can be increased by nearly
3. -Simple maintenance- When the all-in-one machine fails,
the after-sales maintenance is more complicated. The
seperated equipment only needs to replace the processing
system to complete the update and maintenance;
4. -Tool detection sensor with 2um
5. -24hours on-line technical support
Horizontal processing VS Vertical machining
Based on the original stable vertical machining,
the horizontal milling machine
puts the center of gravity lower.
Vertical and horizontal processing are both cradle processing
(Suitable for small precision parts processing).
There is not much difference between these two in the layout
and processing mode, but due to the excellent stability of
horizontal processing, the speed can be increased by nearly 20%.

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