Dental Laboratory Multilayer PMMA Block Disc For Resina Dental Temporary Teeth

Short Description:

1.Yucera Multilayer PMMA block is the aesthetic solution for temporary restorations.

2.Due to the smooth layer transition and natural color gradient, the PMMA dental material only needs to be polished to finalize long-term temporary crowns and bridges.

3.PMMA crown is also available in 16 VITA colors, with various geometries and sizes.

4.Yucera PMMA dental materials is compatible with all kinds of milling machines.

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Dental Laboratory Multilayer PMMA Block Disc For Resina Dental Temporary Teeth

PMMA block 05_副本

Advantage of Yucera’s multilayer PMMA block:

1.Be milled very quick and easy

2.Fracture resistance

3. Esthetic and natural results through polishing

4. Various colors and geometries

5. High strength

6. Biocompatible for long -term temporaries


Application of multilayer PMMA block:

1.CAD/CAM-aided model making, prototyping, modeling, Polyurethane for modelling , dental model base.
2.Due to the color and the fast mac

3.hinability especially suitable as model base
4.Trouble-free scanning due to the opaque and little reflective surface Yucera PMMA blank provides a variety of compatible

5. Dental multilayer PMMA block with Amann Girrbach, zirkonzahn M3/M5, and open cad/cam milling systems of 98mm.


Indications multilayer PMMA block:

1.Temporary bridges

2.Temporary crownsge

Available shades of multilayer PMMA block

A1, A2,A3, A3.5, A4
B1,B2,B3, B4
C1, C2, C3, C4
D2, D3,D4

Yucera have all series of PMMA blocks with vita 16 shades, monolithic and multiplayer PMMA blocks, suitable all kinds of cad cam system. If you don’t understand well, please feel free to contact whatsapp:+86 19926434248

PMMA disc1PMMA disc2_副本PMMA disc3_副本PMMA disc5_副本

Real Cases of multilayer PMMA block

PMMA discresin teeth_副本

Shipping for dental multilayer PMMA block:

1.Packaging for dental multilayer PMMA block: 120 pieces of dental multilayer PMMA block will be packed into a carton box with protective ployfoam inside. Outside one more big carton with waterproof membrance.
2.Shipping for dental multilayer PMMA block: By sea or by air 

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