57% Translucency 3D Plus Multilayer Dental Zirconia Block False Dental Zirconia Discs

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57% Translucency 3D Plus Multilayer Dental Zirconia Block False Dental Zirconia Discs

Dental 1500℃ zirconium blocks and 49 zirconium blocks and ce dental zirconia blank used in false zirconia blocks

Introduction of YUCERA’s 3D Plus Multilayer dental zirconia:

3D plus multilayer zirconia blockis a dental zirconia (Y-TZP ZrO2) for highly translucent, monolithic restorations. 3D plus multilayer zirconia block offers with 700-1050MPa an outstanding high flexural strength combined with high translucency. The soft material before sintering ensures an effortless manufacturing process. All-ceramic veneering is possible with the common all-ceramic systems (see CET value).

Features of 3D Plus Multilayer dental zirconia/ceramics block/blank/discs:

1. Sintered Density of zirconia disc 6.07 ± 0.03g/cm3

2. Outstanding aesthetics – high translucent and high strength.

3. Translucency of zirconia disc 57-43%

4. Extensive color selection – 19 colors (Blench, A1-D4).

5. Bending Strength of zirconia disc700-1050 MPa 

6. Hardness of zirconia disc 1200HV

7. Wide range of indications – from single-tooth restoration to multi-unit bridge.

8. Vita 16 color of A1-D4 and Blench OM1/2/3 color

9. Self-colored dental zirconia blocks

10. CAD CAM digital system

11. High translucent zirconium oxide for perfect aesthetics

Processing Options

1. Monolithic processing or partial ceramic veneering

2. Optional brush or dipping infiltration possible

Single-tooth restorations (anterior and posterior)
3-unit bridges (anterior and posterior)
Multi-unit bridges with NexxZr + white (anterior and posterior)

Single Disc

YUCERA all series

Type Code Translucency Bending Strength Hardness Color Size
White zirconia block HT 40% ≧1200Mpa(Av.) 1200HV White (coloring liquid with vita 16 shades and 26
Open system& Zirkon zahn system & Amann Girrbach System
ST 43%    ≧1200Mpa(Av.) 1200HV
Preshaded zirconia block ST-Color 43% ≧1100Mpa(Av.) 1200HV Vita 16 shades and BL1, BL2, BL3
Multilayer preshaded zirconia block SHT-ML 46% ≧900Mpa(Av.) 1200HV
UT-ML 49% ≧600Mpa(Av.) 1200HV
3D Plus-ML 43%-57% ≧700Mpa(Av.)–1050Mpa(Av.) 1200HV


Suitable for below system

Open Cadcam System Zironzahn System Amann Girrbach
98x10mm 95x10mm /
98x12mm 95x12mm AGx12mm
98x14mm 95x14mm AGx14mm
98x16mm 95x16mm AGx16mm
98x18mm 95x18mm AGx18mm
98x20mm 95x20mm AGx20mm
98x22mm 95x22mm AGx22mm
98x25mm 95x25mm AGx25mm


SHT Multileyer/UT Multilayer /3D Multilayer Sintering Curve
Sintering step Start Temperature(℃) End Temperature(℃) Time(Min) Rate(℃/Min)
Step 1 20 900 90 9.7
Step 2 900 900 30 0
Step 3 900 1500 180 3.3
Step 4 1500 1500 120 0
Step 5 1500 800 60 -11.6
Step 6 800 natural cooling 20 120 -6.5


 zirconia block-Itlay











dentale zirconium

  • Translucency:: 57-43%
  • Bending Strength:: 700-1050Mpa
  • Sintering Temperature:: 1500℃
  • Thickness: 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/25mm
  • Color: Vita 16 color, Blench OM1/2/3
  • Indication: Coping /Inlay /Onlay /Anterior/Veneer
  • Instrument classification: Class II
  • Material: Ceramics, peek, Chablt Chronium, Aluminum Alloy, dental z
  • Type: Multilayer
  • FOB Price: US $20 - 100 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal, Alibaba payment
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