Dental Yucera Zirconia block for cad/cam system/ high quality 1200-700Mpa designed full bridges

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Dental Yucera Zirconia block for cad/cam system

Yucera’s 4D plus Multilayer zirconia block is the most high end class zirconia block, the most nature zirconia block, which changes color(from dark to light) , strength( from 1050mpa-1200mpa), and translucency(43%-57%) gradually from cervical to incisal part at one zirconia disc

Advantages :

- 16 A-D & 3Bleach shades available;

- High translucency(43%-57% total light transmittance)

- High flexural strength

- accurate, even and stable color;

- No hand coloring needed


Crown, Inlay, Onlay, 2-5 unit Bridges, Anterior,implant

Product Features

Safety: No irritation,No corrosion,Good bio-compatibility

Beauty: Natural teeth color can be reproduced

Comfortability: Low thermal conductivity,hot and cold changes do not stimulte the pulp

Durability: Over 1600MPa perturbed strength, durable and useful



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