Be firm in your goal, and continue to encourage.






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Yu Rucheng’s 2021 semi-annual summary meeting was held in honor. Under the leadership of the general manager Mr. Liu Jianjun, the elites of the marketing department came along with their dreams, summing up the lack of work in the first half of the year, and planning how to achieve the goals in the second half of the year, and contribute to the “home” of Yu Rucheng, and make the dream more fulfilling. Make the foundation more evergreen.

At the beginning of the meeting, Li Sixian, director of domestic marketing department, and Yang Wen, director of overseas marketing department, summarized the work performance and accumulated experience in the first half of 2021, and deployed the focus and direction of the work in the second half of the year. Subsequently, the elites of the marketing department also took the stage to summarize and report on their work.



Believe, go all out, and positive energy are the main keywords of this semi-annual meeting. At the meeting, we strengthened our confidence in accomplishing our goals through two videos. We also understood the important task of being a member of Yu Rucheng’s marketing department through the entrepreneurial story and original intentions of the general manager Mr. Liu Jianjun.
In the afternoon, in response to the issues discussed by the market elites, the assistant to the general manager led everyone to do a team co-creation-roaming wall chart activity. Everyone first divided into groups to discuss on their own. After four rounds of debate and negotiation, the results of everyone’s joint discussion and approval were summarized into a solution to the problem. In this process, everyone was actively engaged, constantly colliding, sometimes fiercely arguing, sometimes nodding in recognition, and finally reached a consensus, and together they experienced the charm of team wisdom and co-creation.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu concluded his speech: “2021 is over half, and our goals for the second half of the year are arduous and full of challenges. I believe that everyone can stick to their own responsibilities, achieve sales breakthroughs, stay true to their original intentions, and move forward!” In the words, every word and sentence inspires all the employees present. We firmly believe that in the rest of 2021, Yurucheng’s marketing department will definitely achieve better results.





Post time: Jul-23-2021